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   Manager FAQ

Is my firm eligible to be tracked by MMR?

To be tracked by MMR, a manager must:

  • attest to being registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and / or all appropriate state regulatory agencies;
  • handle separate, individually managed accounts; and
  • submit at least one year (four quarters) of performance figures.

At this time, MMR is not set up to track mutual funds or hedge funds.

I manage fixed-income portfolios. Can you track my performance?

Yes. MMR now tracks fixed-income products in addition to equity, balanced, and international/global products.

Does it cost anything to be tracked by MMR?

No. MMR tracks managers free of charge.

My firm qualifies for tracking. How do I get started?

If your firm qualifies and would like to be tracked by MMR, simply submit our online signup form. An MMR rep will authenticate your request and assign you a Manager Account login and password.

How do I report my performance?

You can log into your MMR account at any time to update performance and fill out short online questionnaires about your firm. The information you report will become automatically available to all MMR subscribers.

Who reads Money Manager Review?

MMR's subscription service is appropriate for:

  • investors with $100,000 or more in assets, and
  • professionals who serve these individuals.

Subscribers include individuals, institutions, foundations, trusts, endowments, public and private pension plans, brokers, consultants, and investment advisors.

How do you rank money managers?

MMR ranks managers according to:

  • Returns
  • Risk (Standard deviation)
  • Efficiency (Return/Risk Ratio)
  • Overall Performance (combination of the above 3)

MMR rankings are calculated for these four criteria over 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10-year time frames.

MMR rankings only compare similar product types. All equity products are ranked against each other. Balanced, fixed-income, and global/international products are ranked in separate groups. Subscribers can opt to narrow these rankings by product style and/or target cap.

Can I reprint MMR rankings or reports?

You can reprint and distribute any MMR ranking, report or comparison chart that includes your firm, free of charge, when your firm subscribes to MMR. (Of course, all reprints are subject to MMR's reprint terms and conditions.) Electronic Reprints and Interview Reprints are also available. For more information, contact us.

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