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Below are some frequently asked questions about our publication. If your question is not answered, try our other FAQs, or contact us.

What's in Money Manager Review?

MMR is a comprehensive guide to the nation's private money managers. The online publication consists of:

  • Summaries of every manager, including contact information, company histories and vital statistics.
  • Full-page reports on every product, including dollar growth charts, performance analysis, investment strategies, fee schedules, and disclosure.
  • Personnel Profiles that present biographies and photos of manager investment staff.
  • Rankings that identify the top performing managers, based on the time frame and ranking criteria of your choice.
  • Search interfaces designed to find managers quickly and easily by name, style, keyword, state/ZIP and more.
  • Custom Watch Lists that you can use to isolate and analyze the managers that interest you.

MMR also publishes a print magazine containing rankings, reports, interviews and a manager directory.

How often do you publish?

MMR's online service adds new information every day. Our rankings are recalculated at least once per week to reflect newly added managers and products. In this sense, we publish on a daily and weekly basis.

MMR collects quarterly performance figures from money managers. Four times a year, the rankings are reset to incorporate the most recent quarter's performance. This usually occurs about three weeks after the quarter's end.

The print publication is printed four times per year.

Which money managers do you track?

To be tracked by MMR, a manager must:

  • attest to being registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and / or all appropriate state regulatory agencies;
  • handle separate, individually managed accounts; and
  • submit at least one year (four quarters) of performance figures.

At this time, MMR is not set up to track mutual funds or hedge funds.

Do you track Such-And-Such Asset Management?

To see if a manager is tracked by MMR, type the name (or part of the name) into the silver search box on our home page.

If the manager isn't in our system, e-mail us with the manager's name and location. We add new managers every day. An MMR rep will follow up on your lead.

Do managers pay to be tracked?

No. To preserve editorial objectivity, MMR tracks all managers free of charge.

Does MMR verify performance numbers?

No. All performance numbers appearing in MMR are self-reported by the managers themselves. MMR cannot, and does not, verify or guarantee any performance figures. Tracked managers do agree to the Terms of Service, in which they specifically acknowledge that they understand the antifraud provisions of the Uniform Securities Act and the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 as amended. Also, tracked managers must specify their reporting methods, including whether each product's performance is:

  • reported gross or net of fees,
  • reported on a composite, representative or proforma basis,
  • AIMR compliant,
  • audited or unaudited, and
  • accompanied by any disclosure (and if so, the text of the disclosure).

However, this information is also self-reported and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Before committing funds with any manager, investors should always perform a careful background check. For more information, see the Terms of Service.

Who uses Money Manager Review?

Money Manager Review is appropriate for:

  • investors with $100,000 or more in assets, and
  • professionals who serve these individuals.

Subscribers include individuals, institutions, foundations, trusts, endowments, public and private pension plans, brokers, consultants, and investment advisors.

How do you rank money managers?

MMR ranks managers according to:

  • Returns - The higher the returns, the more money earned for clients.
  • Risk -The lower the risk, the more consistent and reliable the performance.
  • Efficiency (Return/Risk Ratio) - A ratio measuring how much return a manager is earning per unit of risk "spent".
  • Overall Performance - A combination of the above three criteria.

MMR rankings are also calculated for various time frames. For example, you could retrieve 10-Year Risk Rankings, 1-Year Return Rankings, or 5-Year Overall Performance Rankings.

MMR rankings only compare similar product types. All equity products (investing exclusively in stocks) are ranked against each other. Balanced products (incorporating both stocks and bonds) are ranked as a separate group.

How do I choose a money manager?

When evaluating prospective money managers, it is important to consider factors such as:

  • percentage returns earned for clients
  • risk-adjusted performance
  • a manager's standing compared to other managers
  • how long a manager has been in business

Your manager should meet your needs. Therefore, before you launch your search, you should define your own investment objectives, including growth and income expectations, risk parameters, and tax sensitivity.

For more information, have a knowledgeable professional call you to discuss MMR's consulting services. It costs you nothing to find out about these services. Or, read our free report, "How To Choose A Money Manager."

Is Money Manager Review still available in print?

At this time, Money Manager Review is still available as a print publication. In the future, the magazine may be printed or may be phased out, depending on the level of demand from our readership. Existing print readers can convert to online subscriptions at no charge. For more information, contact us.

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